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Commissions & TOS

Commissions are currently: OPEN

You MUST be 18+ to commission us. 

* We take commissions for: handpaws, headbands, wings, tails

* We do not yet offer full suits, heads, bodysuits, feet paws.

By commissioning us you agree to our Terms of Service outlined below: 


All items from our webstore will be shipped in the time specified in the listing. As a general rule, most items will ship in this timeframe: 
- ear headbands, horns, wings, simple tails: 3-5 business days
- furry ears, tails, paws etc: 1-2 months (this will depend on whether we have the fur needed on hand, if we don't, they will take longer) 

Payment must be made in full for these items before they are shipped. Use the shop's bulit-in checkout process. 


We would love to work with you on making custom items! Commissions that cannot be ordered through the webstore must be discussed with us before ordering! This would include custom detailing or pattern modifications to our existing items, as well as custom colors not offered here. 

Turnaround time for customized items can be 1-3 months or longer if we need to order materials. Estimate will be given before payment! 

Commissions under $200 must be paid in full before we work on them. Over that amount will require a 30% non-refundable deposit, and we can arrange a payment plan. There is a $15 fee on top of your total price for a payment plan. We accept paypal and most credit cards. Please message to discuss and get a quote: 

email: [email protected]
Telegram (preferred) @Novamutt

For designs more than a simple modification of an existing pattern, I will usually send a sketch or drawing of what I plan to make for your approval, as well as material colors. If you already have fabric or fur colors used on other parts that you need me to match please get them for me (what is the color called and where can it be purchased). This design approval is final. 

I cannot make edits to a piece after it's finished, that would require disassembly, reworking and reassembly. If you absolutely need a change made after the piece is done there will be an extra fee, which will depend on the extent of the edits. 


Most items in our web store will be shipped via USPS, free shipping will utilize first class, and shipping upgrades are available for US buyers. 

International buyers: your shipping may take 1-4 weeks in most cases, especially overseas, so please plan accordingly. Seller is not responsible for customs fees or taxes, these are import taxes owed by you to your own country.

Shipping and shipping upgrades are not refundable, even if you return the item. 

International buyers may have the option to have a tail sent unstuffed, which will save significantly on shipping due to size/weight. When you receive the tail you can get stuffing and stuff/sew it closed yourself. Please ask if you're interested in this option. It does not affect the base price of the item. 


Please request cancellations within 12 hours of making your purchase, as we may have started work on them. After that will be a case-by-case basis. 

We accept returns if requested within 3 days of receipt ONLY on our web store's pre-designed items with 1 or less customization options. For example, if you purchase cat ears in the color white, you may return these. But if you purchase bat wings where you select 1. color and 2. elastic color, this item is not returnable. We may make exceptions if it's a popular color we know we can resell. 

Buyer is responsible for return shipping. Items MUST be clean, unworn, and in good condition. 

Custom items are not returnable. 
Art Commissions are not returnable. 


Any artwork you purchase from us belongs to you for personal use. You don't need our permission to use it in your online profiles, to post it to your social media, share it as a reference, or get it printed onto a Tshirt, blanket, sticker etc for your own personal use. 

We do ask that you credit or tag us in the post, but it's not required. 

You may not, however, copy and resell the art or make it into products to sell for profit. If you want to use the art for commercial purposes (including logos) please message us to discuss the scale of use and we can negotiate a commercial license. 

We, the artists, reserve the right to share artwork we made on our social media or displayed at our vendor tables for the purpose of advertising. Your artwork will not be sold to anyone else, it is simply used for promotional purposes. If you don't want your art shared on our social media, please let us know. 


We recommend getting a brush to keep your fur looking slick and nice. Prevent damage to the suit parts by avoiding rough surfaces like rocks, concrete, trees etc which can pull, tear and damage the fabric/fur. Knowing some basic hand sewing with needle/thread is super handy for small repairs/tears. 

To clean faux fur items, we recommend hand washing with diluted detergent and a shower head or bathtub/sink. The handpaws can be machine washed in a mesh delicates bag with COLD WATER. Drip dry in front of a fan and GENTLY brush the fur straight while wet (if the fur dries crimped and rumpled it will stay that way dry, so you have to wet it again). Do not wring and NEVER EVER put in a dryer or use heat! Heat will permanently damage the fur! Hand washing and drip drying is best!

Thick parts with stuffing like tails will take a while to dry! Dry 100% before storage or else the moisture can develop mold. Use fur suit spray (available for purchase at most conventions or online, like on Etsy) to keep the parts fresh and free of odors. Look on YouTube for some great tutorials on how to clean and care for fur suit parts. 


Fursuits or fursuit parts are essentially big, hot heavy carpets you wear. Wearing these pieces can limit movement, vision, hearing and ventilation. It is a costume meant to wear for fun in a safe, controlled environment. 

- it is recommended you have a handler with you to help you safely navigate and monitor your heat/exhaustion levels. 

- monitor breathing and body heat. Do not spend extended time out on hot days in sunlight or warm environments. Take breaks to cool off and hydrate. Remove suit and parts immediately if you feel faint or dizzy. 

- Keep yourself, suit and parts away from flames, machinery, moving parts and anything that can cause bodily harm or injury or damage the costume 

- Do NOT under any circumstance place yourself in dangerous situations while wearing the suit, including but not limited to: driving, operating machinery, extreme sports, swimming, campfires/fireplaces/cooking flames/lighters. Use of drugs and alcohol will impair your movement/judgement. Do not sleep in a fursuit. 

- The maker is not liable for any injury, bodily harm, or damage to the suit. Practice safety and common sense while wearing any suit, part or costume. 


While we have no problem with ref sheets that are NSFW, we do not draw NSFW content or excessive gore. We will not make art of explicit material. We reserve the right to refuse commissions for any reason. 

Any personal information you provide to us (such as name, address etc) will be treated as confidential and will be used only for the purpose of fulfilling your order.