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Custom giant rat/mouse rodent tail

$79.99 Coming soon
Custom giant rat/mouse rodent tail


Complete your rodent costume with these fun and comfortable costume tails!
Perfect for fursuiting, halloween, conventions, parties, concerts, fairs, theatre or just for fun!

Our costumes are simple and easy to wear. They are unisex and appropriate for BOTH children and adults! (Recommended ages 8 and up.) They are designed and hand crafted by our two artists in the United States.



The “rope” part of the tail is always pink!!
You can choose the fur color at the base. Scroll through photos to see available colors.

Leave a note at checkout or send us a message with your chosen color!

Note: Do not request special markings/colors or modifications beyond what is available in the style you selected. If you have special requests, special markings, modifications, or colors not listed here, then you MUST contact us:

[email protected]
telegram: @Novamutt
Twitter DM: @novamutt
Or use our website's contact form.

We are happy to take commissions! Check out the commissions tab on our webstore for more info.

Handmade and made-to-order. Here is our queue:


Length: Approx 45’ long

Made with high quality, luxury shag faux fur, fleece, and polyester stuffing. It is worn using a belt loop with two nylon straps.

* A 1-2" wide BELT IS REQUIRED TO WEAR THIS TAIL! (not included) *

We only use Faux Fur, we never use real fur in our products.



Production time varies depending on if I have the fur color on hand. While I try to keep all my colors stocked at all times, my supplier sometimes sells out of colors! If your chosen colors are sold out I will contact you. Usually production will take 1-2 weeks, but can take longer.

US shipping will be shipped using standard 2-3 day USPS Priority Mail.


Pattern customization is not available on this listing, only colors. If you want special markings, colors not listed here, custom patterns you MUST contact:

[email protected]
telegram: @Novamutt
Twitter: @novamutt
Or use our website's contact form

We are happy to take commissions!

~ CARE ~

Hand wash with COLD/COOL water and unscented detergent. You can use soft bristle brushes like a tooth brush if necessary.

Drip dry in front of a fan. Make sure it dries completely before storage!

When wet, brush gently with a comb or backwards with slicker brush, to ensure the fur dries straight. Do not brush with slicker brush forwards when wet! It can pull out the fibers. You can brush it with a slicker brush when it is completely dry.


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